Past Research Projects

Research Projects I have done in the field of robotics and computer vision.

Robotic Survey of Sunken Pirate City: Port Royal, Jamaica

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
A two-year project to map the city through state-of-the-art development of marine robotic 3D mapping systems for underwater archaeology.  Our team employed a new multidimensional approach to surveying a shallow submerged site, using an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) to conduct a sonar and camera mapping of the site from the water’s surface, a robotic stereo camera rig to conduct a 3D scuba survey of the site’s underwater buildings.

Checkout our project website for more information.

MRI Bias Field Correction Based on Tissue Labeling

Intensity inhomogeneity, also known as "bias field" in MR images, mainly arises from imperfection in RF profiles, and it harms the performance of many image analysis algorithms. Traditional Segmentation based bias field correction methods is constrained by its low intensity based segmentation accuracy. To improve segmentation accuracy, we propose to integrate rich-feature segmentation in bias field estimation. Experiment shows that our method provides more robust and accurate segmentation result, which results in better bias field estimation.