Current Research Projects

My ongoing research projects focus on underwater robot perception using different modalities.  I am open to any possible cooperations. Any ideas, suggestions or comments will be highly appreciated.

Multi-Sensor-Based Underwater Robotics Navigation for Automous Ship-hull Inspection

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The main objective of this work is to develop enhanced perception and
navigation capabilities toward the goal of fully autonomous robotic ship hull
inspection using a Hovering Autonomous Vehicle (HAUV). In this project, I am specifically interesting in the ultilization of 2D imaging sonar as a promising alternative to optical cameras against extreme environment conditions.
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Color Correction in Underwater Reconstruction

Cameras on board autonomous vehicles can capture high resolution images for monitoring the state of subsea environments over time -- for instance, to track the bleaching events of coral reef systems. However, underwater image formation is subject to the complex process of light propagation through the water column and the raw images retrieved are characteristically different than images taken in air. We are insteresting in restoring the 'in-air' color of underwater scene or objects for high quality underwater reconstruction.